New in town? We can help you!

It´s easy to get lost in a new town, therefore we have made this fantastic guide to help you overcome your first weeks in a smooth way. Following this guide you´ll hopefully end up with a bunch of friends and a better understanding of Norrköping.

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Elevrum/Student lounge


The easiest way of getting to know your new classmates is to hang out in the ?elevrum" after finishing regular classes. This is where everything happens, where we gather up and make up our plans for the evening. We often eat, gossip and rest a bit here before going to a happening or event. BUT - if your classmates normally don´t hang out in the ?elevrum" - you need to have the mobile phone number to the girl or guy who knows the most about what´s going on.




Town parks


Wow, you need to check out our spectacular town parks and the people being there. Bring your new mates to Folkparken, Strömparken or Kärleksparken for a picnic, football game or just a chill. All the parks lie near our beautiful Strömmen which is perfect for walks and nice chats.




Södra promenaden


This is a big street made for both cars and walking, the fine thing is that the walking area is separated from the cars. This is my favorite street in town and it´s not just because Ulf Lundell (a well known Swedish artist), sings about it but also because of the wonderful trees, the grass and Halvars with its lovely ice cream. In the middle of Södra Promenaden you´ll find our town library including books, multimedia and many nice sofas. Take a walk on Södra Promenaden!



The train station


The train station of Norrköping is our gate to the rest of the world. It?s located in the beginning of Drottninggatan. Drottninggatan is our central shopping street where you can find almost everything including nice houses, good shopping, nice green areas and friendly people. As long as you know where Drottninggatan is you´re always on top of things.




Stadium Arena

Stadium arena is our newest sport complex. Together with Parken they constitute a big part of the sport life in Norrköping. Stadium Arena is focusing on basketball, indoor football and music concerts while Parken mainly hosts football. If you are interested in sports, go there and enjoy the great atmosphere during a game.





We really want to urge you to visit one of our dearest places, Kulturhuset. Local bands often have their concerts here - it´s very cozy and nice. You can also have a nice cup of coffee or just relax after a hard day with this guide.





If you want to experience a really old fashioned coffee shop you may not miss Café Kuriosa. You can sit outside or inside and have lunch or just fika (coffee and a cookie). Please go there, I would be disappointed otherwise.

Kolmården - Wild animals. For Real.


Kolmårdens djurpark, a 20-minute drive outside the city, is the biggest zoo in Scandinavia with lots of interesting and exotic animals. Together with some nice weather, a trip to the zoo will make an awesome weekend day. Except for walking around looking at animals, (that actually live in larger closures and not in cages, as they usually do at zoos), you can either drive or catch a bus through the Safari Park (Safariparken) and watch the animals walking around right outside your window!




How about this - running around trying to shoot your friends like in paintball - but without getting dirty? Gather your mates, make teams and hunt down your friends (enemies) armed with a laser weapon! Let the battle begin!


Industriområdet/ Arbetets museum/


Maybe not a single youth would take you here, but still people are different, so this might actually be a really nice experience for you as a visitor. Industriområdet (old industrial area), located just beneath Strömmen, with a lot of nice architecture is a good place for taking a walk, feeling the athmosphere of our former industrial city and maybe visiting the area?s museum.





Don´t miss out on this




Vaxkupan - Here, in the last music store in town, you can find excellent music.




Myrorna -This is a good second-hand shop worth many visits.


Flygeln and Skandiateatern - Keep notice on the happenings in Flygeln and Skandiateatern. Here you can experience good concerts and other cool happenings ( and



Godis - The Swedish candy can?t be found anywhere else but in Sweden. It?s simply the best. My favorite shop is Gottegrisen. Buy a big bag of sweets because your friends are going to ask for a treat or two.



Kanelbullens dag (day of the Cinnamon roll) October 4th: No day is better than this for taking a fika, trying out Sweden?s delicious Cinnamon rolls. Before the big day, keep your eyes open for UngNT?s upcoming test of where to get the city?s best and most price-worthy cinnamon roll!



Public transport, walking, cycling - Especially if you?re from a country where you have to take the car wherever you want to go, use your time here and enjoy our public transportation opportunities! The system including trams, buses, trains etc. is useful not only to get you from one place to another but also if you want a more dynamic perspective of the city, with all its different areas and locations. Norrköping is designed for people walking and cycling, so feel free to use this wonderful way of transporting yourself to every single corner of our city!





Need to know words



Spånkan - Tram



Fika - Coffee with a cookie or cake


Koll på läget - On top of things



Bibblan - Library



Hamnen - The harbour



Stan - the city center



Godis- Sweets and candy



Kanelbulle - Cinnamon roll





Don?t waste your time...



... watching the local football team "IFK" playing. They are not doing well at the moment and we?re not only disappointed but also ashamed of our team constantly descending down the charts... To melt in - just pretend "they?re not worth your attention" except for the IFK - Syrianska (the Syrian team) game cause that?ll be something extra-ordinary...



...participating in a guided tour in the city hall because that?s really no fun, unless you really want to.



...looking for traditional swedish food. It?s not special nor exotic and definitely not tasty. Rather find the international cuisines available at many places, or why not the pizzas and kebabs from the pizzerias which are so delicious that you?ll never get enough of them...




Upcoming events:





The 26th of September it?s finally time for Kulturnatten which is one of the biggest cultural events in Norrköping. There are things going on all day and night, find out more about this and check out the program at Be there or be square.




Norrköping Filmfestival


October 2 - 11



Annual film festival hosted by Flimmer, the biggest independent film organisation of south-east Sweden. (





Laleh (famous swedish-iranian artist performing)




November 26th






For even more events, stay updated with UngNT?s event calendar at or in Norrköpings Tidningar every Friday!





A common myth about Sweden



Sweden is in many cases equated with the North Pole, with foreigners expecting to see polar bears pawing their way through the streets and people walking around dressed like eskimos. Of course Sweden gets cold in the winter, but it?s not even close to getting THAT cold. In fact, you could just aswell expect to see camels in the streets of Norrköping, which is as close to the Sahara Desert as it is to the North Pole.




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